In recognition of the additional demands made of high performing students during their post 16 studies, Wootton Academy Trust is intending to introduce the ‘academic scholarship’ programme.  It is hoped that the scholarship will reduce the financial need for excessive part time employment that may distract students from their studies. Students in receipt of the academic scholarship will be able to focus on their college work and the increasing demands placed upon them, as they prepare rigorously for life after sixth form.

Qualifying criteria

Scholarships are £1,000 per student per annum based upon the following qualifying criteria. Students are only eligible to apply for the scholarship fund in the first two years of study at Kimberley College. Therefore, the total amount any student could possibly receive is £2,000.

Students must

  1. Achieve 8 A grades or better including English and maths (grade 7) in separate GCSE subjects.

Additionally they must also

  1. Have outstanding attendance (no unauthorised absence) including communication sessions and collapsed PSCHE sessions.
  2. Participate in a weeks’ worth of work experience in July of year 12.
  3. Attend all parent/carer consultation events.
  4. Have an active involvement in an aspect of extracurricular at the college.
  5. Be a full time student and on roll for the October census.
  6. Achieve grades in their interim assessments that are in line with those expected by the college and linked to interim targets set by the college on commencement of study.
  7. Must agree, sign and abide by the College code of conduct.

Intended timing of payments

Payments will be made on the following schedule providing qualifying criteria have been met.

November: £250

January: £250

March: £250

June: £250

Applications for the academic scholarship will be invited in September 2017 once GCSE results are known and a place at Kimberley College has been taken up.

Please direct any further enquires about the scholarship to scholarship@wootton.beds.sch.uk

NB The scheme will be reviewed after each academic year before future commitment is made. Wootton Academy Trust withholds the right to make changes to the policy at any time.