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Sixth Form Open Evening

Thursday 13th November 2014, 5.30pm – 8.30pm

You are invited to join us at Kimberley where you will have an opportunity to tour the state-of-the-art facilities and to discuss the courses available at Kimberley and Wootton Colleges with subject teachers.

To book your place at the above event please call the Sixth Form team on 01234 767123 or email us at jbrinicombe@wootton.beds.sch.uk.

Kimberley College is situated at Green Lane, Stewartby, Bedfordshire, MK43 9LY

  • Wootton Academy Trust: delivering the future of education.

    Wootton Academy Trust operates Wootton Upper School and Arts College and has many years' experience and expertise in running a highly successful school. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding opportunities and results for students across Bedfordshire and beyond. Just as importantly is that students grow into well-rounded, informed and caring citizens.

    Our vision now is to use these skills to open a new Sixth Form College specialising in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. And for our vision to be realised, it's vital for others to lend us their support.

    Please demonstrate your support for our project by filling in the survey.

    You are already helping us by visiting our website to find out more information. If you would like to support us in other ways please contact the Trust by sending an email to info@stemcollege.co.uk or alternatively telephoning 01234 767123.

    We hope you will join us our in vision and thank you in anticipation of your support.

  • Totally focussed: a state-of-the-art, specialised Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths SIXTH FORM College.

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics collectively make up a group of subjects known as STEM.

    So, why a specialist STEM college?

    These, and other related subjects, are crucial to our country's future economic success if we are to compete with other countries across the globe. Educational standards throughout the world are extremely high in these subjects; in many places, currently higher than in the UK. We believe that new Sixth Form College's STEM curriculum will be outstanding because it will draw on the best approaches used in different countries as well as inspiring young adults with the best teaching methods.

    This will benefit our future students in terms of qualifications and outlook. It will make them not only highly marketable to universities and employers, but vital to the country as a whole in helping our economy.

  • A new Sixth Form College. A doorway to the future of education.

    Why apply to our new Sixth Form College?

    We believe that gathering together students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, and similar subjects, in the same college will a highly stimulating and productive learning environment. The site we have identified is superb; its facilities will be better than any existing school.

    All our students will have their own specialist mentor from industry to support them, in addition to their teachers, Form Tutor and other specialist support staff.

    However, the reasons for applying to our new college are much greater even than this.

    We are already building extensive links with employers, universities and STEM specialist groups, and involving them in designing our curriculum, and just as importantly, how to deliver it effectively. It will be much easier for major employers to work with one specialist institution, such as ours, rather than many.

    Crucially, once you've completed your courses, your qualifications and skills will be highly relevant and whether you choose to go to university or start employment as a Higher Level Apprentice in a STEM related industry we can guarantee that you will be in demand.

  • It's your future: full-time or part-time study at Kimberley?

    We believe that most of our students will want to study full time at Kimberley, probably taking three or four A levels or GCSEs in STEM subjects, or one of a range of vocational courses linked to STEM.

    However, some students may wish to study a mixture of subjects -STEM related and Arts based. We will make this possible for you to do either at Kimberley or by working alongside other institutions, meaning that you study part-time at Kimberley and part-time in another school or college. For example, a student wishing to study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Music could study Maths, Further Maths and Physics at our college and study Music elsewhere. We will arrange this for you.

  • Embracing an exciting future: what STEM subjects can I study at your new college?

    We plan to offer all the following STEM based subjects:

    Mathematics courses

    GCSE Mathematics, GCSE Additional Mathematics, GCSE Statistics, AS and A level Mathematics, AS and A level Further Mathematics, Level 3 Mathematics for Engineers as well as STEP papers and Pre U papers.

    Science courses

    GCSE Science and GCSE Additional Science, GCSE Electronics, GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics, AS and A level Biology, AS and A level Chemistry, AS and A level Physics, AS and A level Electronics, AS and A level Human Biology, AS and A level Applied Science, Level 3 Forensic Science.

    Engineering courses

    BTEC First diploma in Engineering, BTEC LEVEL 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering (180 Credit Qualification)

    Computer Science and Information Technology Courses

    GCSE Information Technology, AS and A2 Applied Information Communication Technology Double Award, GCSE Computer Science, As and A2 Computer Science.

  • Outstanding Education. Outstanding Flexibility - other courses

    Student choice will play a key role in our curriculum planning. Where a number of students wish to study a particular course to complement their STEM subjects, we will make this possible.

    We expect all students will study other subjects and skills, developing the ability to think independently and to understand philosophical and ethical issues. Ludwig Wittgenstein and Albert Einstein (to name just two examples!) are both renowned for their thinking as well as their achievements in engineering and science. All students will study a course called ‘STEM’ – namely Success, Truths, Ethics and Morality, enhancing their personal development.

    We also want our learners to study communication – students may wish to enhance their English qualifications at Level 2 or acquire a Level 3 qualification. You will also have the opportunity to develop new communication skills by learning another language.

    Students will also undertake a number of their own projects which should lead to qualifications including some Level 4 qualifications (i.e. first year undergraduate degree level courses) to make them more even more marketable once they leave the college.

  • An all-round vision: what facilities will the college have?

    The college will have a fully-equipped gym and other sports facilities to enable students to maintain their physical fitness.

    We want to ensure that there are good public transport links to our college and therefore we are looking to locate it in a redevelopment area in Stewartby, next to the train station linking Bedford and Bletchley. This would mean the sixth form college would be adjacent to Stewartby Lake, so we intend to explore the opportunities there for sailing and other water sports. There's easy access to Marston Vale Community Forest too, for walking, running, and cycling.

    There will be independent learning areas including the latest e-learning facilities dedicated to anywhere-anytime learning throughout the college. Meanwhile, each floor will feature refreshment areas, as well as a dedicated refectory on the ground floor for students to eat and relax between learning sessions.

    Some of our learners will wish to travel independently – there is extensive space to park bicycles and motor vehicles within the college grounds.

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